Screen Printing or Transferring Ink on Garment, Pros and Cons.

Screen printing is the traditional way of printing on clothes by a special ink. There are 2 common ways to transfer ink on fabric. Either infusing ink directly on the garment and let it dry for a while, or using a transfer paper with the ink infused and dried before and heat pressing this transfer paper on the garment directly. There are some con and pros for both ways.

Both methods use the same types of inks so at the end, print quality should be almost the same as long as paper heat pressed well. Using transfer paper designs allows to produce more items in a day. However, you will need to stock each design on transfer papers so stocking and tracking maybe the hard part of it. On the other hand transfer papered designs cost more. But still time is the most important point.

When there are more than 1 color in a design than screen printing gets a lot longer time because each color has to be infused one by one and let each color dry after they printed. Transfer papers allows you to print more than 1 colors in only 1 step. Heat press time is around 8-15 seconds depending on ink quality so max in 15 seconds you will be all done with your designing.

Of course direct screen printing a lot cheaper comparing to transfer paper printings. First of all no need to use transfer papers are a little pricey maybe the most expensive piece in the process and inks are very cheap thinking of how much ink you can use in a design usually just a little bit.

Last but not  least, screen printing requires some professions on computer software in order to separate each of the colors and prepare separate screens for each of them. For example if a design has 3 colors than in order to complete this design on the garment there must be 3 different screens and each of them will be infused separately with different colors.